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Insatiable explorer

Mountain guide and emergency doctor at the hospital of Briançon, Pierre often works with mountain rescue units (PGHM and CRS). Great explorer (member of the french explorer society), he has to his credit numerous expeditions in… (more)

The HydroptèreAlain_Thebault_medaillon

For over 25 years, Alain Thebault continues his childhood dream: flying sailboats. From early wooden models in the eighties, to the absolute sailing speed record with the Hydroptère in 2009, Alain Thebault was able to convince… (more)

Flying with birdsChristian_Moullec_medaillon

Inspired by the work of the famous Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz, Christian Moullec fly with birds he’s breeding since 1995. Using an ultralight two-seater of its making, he turns himself into a bird to support protected species on their … (more)

Alban_Michon_medaillonPolar explorer

With over 9000 dives, a diving school and also an ice cave diving school, Alban Michon is an expert in extreme underwater operations. In 2012, he launched Wi.DE (Wilderness Diving Exploration) kayaking project with… (more)

Francis_Le_Guen_medaillonPresenter of “Diver’s Notebooks”

Director, adventurer, explorer, photographer, journalist, author and TV presenter, Francis Le Guen wears many hats with great passion. He has practiced diving for ages in freshwater lakes, caves and underground rivers and won several world records… (more)

BASE Jumper

A father mountain guide, a mother ski instructor and former refugee guardian, a brother paragliding instructor, Sam Beaugey grew up at the foot of Mont Blanc. In 1994, he joined the Compagnie des guides de Chamonix. Pitons, crampons, ice axes, wingsuit … (more)

Runners to the Pole

Stephanie and Jeremie are ultra-distance runners. They began to run together on the HEC campus where they met in 2002. They got married and the virus of race has never … (more)

Dany_Cleyet_Marrel_medaillonBrilliant Aeronaut

His passion for travel and ballooning, his meeting with filmmakers and scientists led him to the development of a new kind of balloons to meet their specific needs. Fun devices at the beginning, these aerostats (balloons, gas balloons, rozieres, airships) became… (more)

Klaus_Ohlmann_medaillonThe dream of Icarus

Klaus Ohlmann is German. Former dentist, he left everything, his job and his country, to live his passion for gliding. Located in the French Alps, he founded his own school and specializes in guided flight. With his experience of gliders and weather, he beat … (more)

Pierre_Chabert_medaillonThe light of Hollywood

Son of a laborer,early abandoned studies, plenty of small jobs … Nothing predestines Pierre Chabert to create a global leader in more than 40 countries … It will however suffice as a balloon and a light bulb to give birth to first … (more)

Gifted musher

Atypical destiny for this passionate of adventure that begins with the bakery and became the youngest “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, which allows him to travel around the world. Very quickly, he became a popular address for gourmets and opens several … (more)