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The Hydroptère

For over 25 years, Alain Thebault continues his childhood dream: flying sailboats. From early wooden models in the eighties, to the absolute sailing speed record with the Hydroptère in 2009, Alain Thebault was able to convince marine and industrial engineers to follow him in this outsized challenge. Absolute speed records in his pocket, the driver looks now over the seas and dreams of oceanic records, the final frontier for flying boats.

Alain Thebault in 4 dates:

– 1987 : With the support of Eric Tabarly, Alain Thebault develops a model to the third of the Hydropter

– 1 October 1994: inaugural “Flight” of the Hydropter

– February 9, 2005: sailing record crossing the English Channel (Dover-Calais)

– November 8, 2009: absolute sailing record with an average speed of 50.17 knots over one nautical mile

– Summer 2013: Alain Thebault will try to beat the first sailing record with the Hydropter crossing the South Pacific from Los Angeles to Honolulu (Hawaii).

Story of a passion

His finest experience

“-          In 1994, first flight of Hydroptère with Eric Tabaraly. We fought for 10 years to create this boat! That day we thought it was the fulfillment of history. If we knew what awaited us! I often think about Eric on his cloud, we have already come a long way with the Hydroptère but there are more dreams to fulfill.

–          In 2009, when we won the world record for speed sailing in the bay of Hyères. A hard mistral, 11 men mounted on a rocket over 50 knots, above the waves. Slamming this record that everyone told us inaccessible. The following beer was particularly tasty. “

Why not?

San Francisco

L’Hydroptère DCNS, Alain Thébault and his crew sailing in San Francisco.

Board the Hydroptère and sail under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Los Angeles

Onboard l’Hydroptère DCNS Alain Thébault and his crew (Yves Parlier, Jean le Cam, Jacques Vincent, Luc Alphand) during the first series of trials on the Med before trying to beat the Pacific crossing record between Los Angeles and Honolulu next summe

Sail aboard the Hydroptère before his world record attempt this summer

(crossing the South Pacific)

The Hydroptère Team


Meet an exceptional team:

Jacques Vincent (8 circumnavigation), Jean le Cam (3 times winner of Figaro race), Alain Thébault (designer of Hydroptère), Luc Alphand (3 times world ski champion), Yves Parlier (3 Vendée Globe)

Let’s Go!