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Ski Olympic Medalist

Triple medalist at the World Championships and Olympic Games and 15 times Champion of France, Florence Masnada is an indisputable champion, full of joy de vivre. Sportive before being a skier, she always chose … (more)


Free Diving World Champion

Freediving competitor, Fred Buyle beats in 1995 the world record weight variable in lake with 51 m (Belgium). In 1997, he brakes the record in constant weight with 53 m in a lake (Switzerland). He brings this record to 58m in 1999 and… (more)


Kitesurf World Champion

Triple world champion of speed kitesurfing, Charlotte Consorti holds the women’s record since 2010. Namibia, on a few meters wide corridor of water, she reached 50 knots, or 93km / h. Great fan since the beginning of… (more)

Triathlon Triple European Champion

Frederic Belaubre runs his first triathlon in 1993 at the age of 13. In 2000, he wins the junior world title in Perth, Australia. He then wins his first Elite national title in 2002 and qualifies for the Athens Olympics in 2004 where he places 5th. The following year, he wins… (more)

Piolet d’Or 2016

High Mountain guide, former member of the High Mountain Military Group, logistics manager of the expeditions in Chamonix, Manu Pellissier has made an impressive number of ascents, including several first: the northern face of the Epéna in the winter … (more)

Free Ride World Champion

Born in Venice in 1981, Giulia moved to Chamonix after spending several years in the Dolomites where she is passionate about climbing and begins training as a mountain guide.In 1995, she began her career as a professional downhill skier … (more)

Free Ride World Champion

Born in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Aurelien Ducroz is, at 30 years old, quadruple Freeride Skiing World Champion in 2009 and 2011. Since 2008, he has been combining a double career as a skier and a skipper. Since his promising debuts in alpine skiing… (more)

Free Diving World Champion

Morgan Bourc’his is a French free diver. He resides in Marseille, a mythical city created by Greek sailors and a world historical temple of scuba diving. A former swimmer, Morgan is a specialist in the disciplines without assistance and …. (more)

Roller World Champion

Taig Khris, born 27 July 1975 in Algiers, is a Greek-Algerian athlete and entrepreneur. Triple world champion skating on a ramp, winner of the X Games, Gravity Games and the ASA tournament Taïg Khris is the most decorated athlete in the history of … (more)

A world class climber

Inspired by a climbing competition in her hometown of the Canary Islands, Daila began climbing at the age of 18. Surrounded by strong images of her friends climbing only motivated her, and fueled her passion for climbing – and becoming… (more)