Daila Ojeda dans la Voie Ultime Femme aux Natural Games 2008

A world class climber

Inspired by a climbing competition in her hometown of the Canary Islands, Daila began climbing at the age of 18. Surrounded by strong images of her friends climbing only motivated her, and fueled her passion for climbing – and becoming a better climber herself.

She left the island and she moved to Catalonia, one of the best places in the world for rock climbing. Since then she has been very active in the climbing community playing as a role model as a female sport climber, sending very hard sport routes up to 8c+/ 5-14c and traveling around the world to share her climbing passion.

Daila has been featured on the covers of Climbing Magazines from everywhere. And she is also sponsored by some well known climbing companies.

Girls trip in Brazil

Her best experience

“For me, there is no stronger experience than others. Each climbing is a rare experience.”

Why not?


dailapsicoblocmallorca2The Spanish island of Mallorca has a lot of things going for it – great climbing crags, a beautiful coastline, and amazing people among them. Combine crags, coastline and amazing people and what do you get? Daila Ojeda deep-water soloing on some of the island’s premier psicobloc crags over crystal clear Mediterranean water.. See program here


brasil0865Travel to Brasil is an amazing experience for me. The landscapes, the smells, the food… It is easy to feel the good vibes around and to be at home with the people from there as well. There’re beautiful and fantastic walls like Serra do Cipo or Pan de Azucar in Rio de Janeiro but it isn’t just a climbing & travel, it is an incredible cultural experience climbing with children in the favelas and meeting nice people on the other side of the world. It is unique!!


daila ojeda tom et je risSome days ago I climbed my dream line “Tom et Je Ris” 8b+/60 meters tufa climbing in the Verdon Gorge, France. It’s the most special route I’ve ever climbed. The exposure, difficulty  and logistics for getting to the route make of this line really different from any route I tried before. This is maybe a challenge for you .

Let’s Go!