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Director of “Ushuaia Nature”

Writer, director, producer, Bernard Guerrini is one of the top director working with the team of Ushuaia Nature, filming 12 episodes of the legendary series broadcast on TF1 for… (more)

Director of “Ushuaia Nature”

Gilles Santantonio is director of adventure films and 22 programs “Ushuaia Nature” presented by Nicolas Hulot on TF1. He is the source of more than a hundred documentaries broadcast on Canal +, BBC, National … (more)

Director, writer-traveller

Christophe Cousin decided to dedicate his life to adventure, writing, shooting and travelling. Seeking his own geography, the mystery of distant lands is his playground, slow modes of transport its way of … (more)

Director and Kiteboarder

Jeremie Eloy is a professional kiteboarder who is shown on the catwalks of the world tour. With more than a dozen world tours, he produced reports in unusual places, in extreme conditions, and… (more)

 Cinematographer of the film “Oceans”

Director and submarine chief operator, René Heuzey has over 1500 shoots to his credit in all the seas of the world. Nothing stops this image adventurer: often working more than 100m deep underwater with … (more)