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Franck JUNOD

Outsized Trailer


At 20 Franck Junod moved to a Carpartes tour (Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria) 7000 km running and relay in 23 days time. This initiatory journey lead him to participate in many competitions around the Planet (Cameroon, Brazil, United States, Norway …).

He then mixes with the best French and international traileurs, ending at the 2nd place in Verdon Trail Adventure, and first at Eco Adventure Rio in Brazil.

Rescuer for 17 years, he began his career at the prestigious Squad Police High Mountain (PGHM) of Chamonix then became an instructor at the National Training Center for Ski and Mountaineering at Gendarmerie (CNISAG). After 800 interventions and a multitude of traineeship, he will participate in international trade as a mountain rescue expert, from the Dolomites to India (Himalayas) through the Eastern Europe.

Finally, canyon qualified mountain guide, rescuer tracker second degree, trainer auditor PPE and First Aid Instructor, Franck Junod has participated in numerous expeditions in Argentina (Aconcagua 6959 m), Bolivia, in the Atlas Mountains, the Mexico, Canada and Nepal.

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