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Let’s Go


Who is concerned by this experience:

One of the ideas, we strive to fight, is that members of Somewhere Club are perceived as inaccessible personalities (among them there are several world champions) and that the proposed experiments are only available to large adventurers, sportsmen and somewhat unaware of certain dangers. Or, on the contrary, our idea was, from the begining, to provide human wealth of these individuals to everyone by ensuring appropriate experiences at everyone.

Engage in an experience with members of Somewhere Club:

At a rate of 4 or 5 times a year, Somewhere Club members combine their wide range of skills (sporting, scientific, artistic, culinary) to design an extraordinary experience together. The selected destination is completely controlled by these experts of adventure. Experiences are designed as unique and will never be repeated.


This is our first concern. For this we have in our team the best expertise that exist today in the field of adventure. Three ultra-qualified emergency doctors: Emmanuel Blanche doctor for over 10 years at TV showUshuaia Nature”, specialist of intervention in extreme situations (deep dives, high mountain ascents); Pierre Muller, mountain guide and emergency doctor, chose to secure international competitions of free ride; Bernard Fontanille, emergency doctor who practiced in various NGOs abroad. Their mission is to fully secure your trip according to a strict procedure (check the nearest hospitals before departure, make contact with the helicopter and airlines companies available around the selected destination to provide emergency transport; rent specific equipment that can be used immediately on the spot if needed, such as a hyperbaric chamber ).


If several people (family, friends) decide to live an experience with one member of Somewhere Club (for example, tag hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas with Frédéric Buyle, world champion of free diving), the budget per person remains affordable.

Whereas experiments involving large teams of Somewhere Club (top athletes, scientists, chefs ), with a very advanced logistics and a film crew can reach tens of thousands of euros.