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Ice mills explorer

luc_moreau_portraitGlaciologist, doctor in alpine geography and an associate member of the research team of the CNRS Laboratory Environment and Dynamics of Mountain Territories, Luc Moreau specializes in subglacial hydrology connected to the sliding of glaciers. Perhaps everything started in 1970 when visiting the cave of la Mer de Glace on vacation with his parents! Today, in summer, he is the one who tells the story of Sea Ice to children and adults, as well as future guides of the National School of Skiing and Mountaineering in Chamonix, to whom he is teaching glaciology.

But the real passion of Luc Moreau is probably elsewhere: the fall and winter, he explores with the High Mountain Military Group (GMHM) the incredible Alpine glacial mills in Greenland, when the water dries up, in order to better understand the flow of the waters from the surface to below the glacier, where many mysteries remain.


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