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Sommelier World Champion


In 1988, Markus Del Monego studied to become a sommelier at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hamburg and was quickly appointed head sommelier at the Park Hotel Bremen until 1991. A number of different roles followed as banqueting manager and restaurant and hotel manager in Germany and abroad.
His passion for wine had already shaped his career. He had achieved considerable success in important national and international competitions from early on.

In 1998 Markus Del Monego becomes the first and so far only German sommelier world champion in Vienna and just a few months later “master of sake – kiki sakeshi” in Japan. One year later he is awarded the distinction of “ambassador of Swiss wines”.

Markus Del Monego is currently owner and general manager of a service and consulting company in Essen, specialised in organoleptic quality control of wines and spirits.

In addition to his activities in business and evaluation, he writes for one of Germany´s biggest newspapers Süddeutsche Zeitung as well as for different international magazines such as Vsya Europe or Lufthansa Exclusive.