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The light of Hollywood

Son of a laborer,early abandoned studies, plenty of small jobs … Nothing predestines Pierre Chabert to create a global leader in more than 40 countries … It will however suffice as a balloon and a light bulb to give birth to first balloon enlightening! A few years later, supported by his faithful associate Benoit Beylier, Pierre Chabert founded the company Airstar and lights the filming of Titanic with its huge luminescent balloons inflated with helium.

Today, Airstar has become a reference in the world of cinema and Pierre Chabert profit by the maturity of its business to return to his first love: the balloons. Big or small, fixed or mobile, inflated with helium or hot air, prototypes crop up in the vast hangar of the company (in Grenoble), waiting for tests that are all challenges: Crossing the Channel crossing the Mediterranean Sea and finally crossing the Atlantic.

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Why not?


Flying with the Colibri


Flying with the Electroplume


Flying with the Aéroplume

Let’s Go!