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Head of the Botanic Museum of Paris

Marc Jeanson est ingénieur agronome diplômé de l’Institut national Agronomique Paris – Grignon et botaniste, docteur en systématique végétale du Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris et du New York Botanical Garden (États-Unis) … (plus)

Successor of Haroun Tazieff

Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff is Associate Professor and Doctor of state in volcanology. Besides his research and teaching at the University Paris-Sud Orsay, he is also the author and co-author of over 350 books,… (more)

Father of “The Green Wall”

Patrick Blanc is a botanist of international renown. CNRS researcher, he participated in numerous missions in France and abroad. He was part of the team “raft peaks” with Francis Hallé and Dany Cleyet-Marrel and often occured in TV program… (more)

Ice Mills Explorer

Glaciologist, doctor in alpine geography and an associate member of the research team of the CNRS Laboratory Environment and Dynamics of Mountain Territories, Luc Moreau specializes in subglacial hydrology connected to… (more)

Barnabe_Fourgous_medaillonDeap inside the earth

Barnabe Fourgous is a guide of caving and canyoning, and a rescuer. He belongs to the scientific crew of the French Federation of Speleology (topography, biospeleology, karstology). From his native Vercors to Papua, from Mexico to New Zealand, from the Eastern to Chile,… (more)