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Somewhere Club


Live rare moments with …

Alban_Michon_Kayaks_Aurore… the best explorers

Aurelien_Ducroz_poudreuse… the best sportsmen

… the best artists

… the best chefs

… and bring back from your experience, a souvenir in high definition*



Presentation of SomeWhere Club

Somewhere Club is a production company specialized in designing experiences with outstanding personalities.

In the beginning, SomeWhere Club was created to meet the demanding request of customers who had given their trust to Pierre Malherbe in the mountain field and asked him for organizing oversized hiking and custom ski outputs.

The meeting with Stéphane Brunner lead the Club to a very ambitious project: build a team of world-renowned experts such as top athletes, adventurers, scientists, artists and chefs to offer fans of adventure to live a unique experience of sharing, guided by these incredible personalities.

Stéphane Brunner

Painter, photographer, businessman, inventor, Stéphane Brunner has a passion for great adventures: at 20 he accompanied an entomologist in Vietnam to hunt butterflies and fell in love with unusual trips. Later, he will run the planet on foot, horseback, canoe or bike. Today, he offers his demanding customers to share his vision of freedom.

Pierre Malherbe

Ski instructor, Pierre Malherbe is passionate about extreme skiing and mountaineering in the French, Swiss and Italian mountains. He then leaves to discover other spots in Morocco, Norway, India, Pakistan. For several years he organizes adventure experiences in France and abroad. Today he uses his technical skills in Somewhere Club to design and produce bespoke exploratory missions.

David Benamou

David Benamou joined Somewhere Club in 2017 to boost the development of the company. He is Chief Investment Officer and Associate Partner at Axiom Alternative Investments since October 2011 after 11 years with Société Générale as Deputy Head of Structured Capital Finance. He’s a great sportsman, especially a telemark skier and an ironman triathlete.