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Ski Olympic Medalist

Triple medalist at the World Championships and Olympic Games and 15 times Champion of France, Florence Masnada is an indisputable champion, full of joy de vivre. Sportive before being a skier, she always chose … (more)


Free Diving World Champion

Freediving competitor, Fred Buyle beats in 1995 the world record weight variable in lake with 51 m (Belgium). In 1997, he brakes the record in constant weight with 53 m in a lake (Switzerland). He brings this record to 58m in 1999 and… (more)


Kitesurf World Champion

Triple world champion of speed kitesurfing, Charlotte Consorti holds the women’s record since 2010. Namibia, on a few meters wide corridor of water, she reached 50 knots, or 93km / h. Great fan since the beginning of… (more)

Triathlon Triple European Champion

Frederic Belaubre runs his first triathlon in 1993 at the age of 13. In 2000, he wins the junior world title in Perth, Australia. He then wins his first Elite national title in 2002 and qualifies for the Athens Olympics in 2004 where he places 5th. The following year, he wins… (more)

Piolet d’Or 2016

High Mountain guide, former member of the High Mountain Military Group, logistics manager of the expeditions in Chamonix, Manu Pellissier has made an impressive number of ascents, including several first: the northern face of the Epéna in the winter … (more)

Free Ride World Champion

Born in Venice in 1981, Giulia moved to Chamonix after spending several years in the Dolomites where she is passionate about climbing and begins training as a mountain guide.In 1995, she began her career as a professional downhill skier … (more)

Free Ride World Champion

Born in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Aurelien Ducroz is, at 30 years old, quadruple Freeride Skiing World Champion in 2009 and 2011. Since 2008, he has been combining a double career as a skier and a skipper. Since his promising debuts in alpine skiing… (more)

Free Diving World Champion

Morgan Bourc’his is a French free diver. He resides in Marseille, a mythical city created by Greek sailors and a world historical temple of scuba diving. A former swimmer, Morgan is a specialist in the disciplines without assistance and …. (more)

Roller World Champion

Taig Khris, born 27 July 1975 in Algiers, is a Greek-Algerian athlete and entrepreneur. Triple world champion skating on a ramp, winner of the X Games, Gravity Games and the ASA tournament Taïg Khris is the most decorated athlete in the history of … (more)

A world class climber

Inspired by a climbing competition in her hometown of the Canary Islands, Daila began climbing at the age of 18. Surrounded by strong images of her friends climbing only motivated her, and fueled her passion for climbing – and becoming… (more)


Insatiable explorer

Mountain guide and emergency doctor at the hospital of Briançon, Pierre often works with mountain rescue units (PGHM and CRS). Great explorer (member of the french explorer society), he has to his credit numerous expeditions in… (more)

The HydroptèreAlain_Thebault_medaillon

For over 25 years, Alain Thebault continues his childhood dream: flying sailboats. From early wooden models in the eighties, to the absolute sailing speed record with the Hydroptère in 2009, Alain Thebault was able to convince… (more)

Flying with birdsChristian_Moullec_medaillon

Inspired by the work of the famous Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz, Christian Moullec fly with birds he’s breeding since 1995. Using an ultralight two-seater of its making, he turns himself into a bird to support protected species on their … (more)

Alban_Michon_medaillonPolar explorer

With over 9000 dives, a diving school and also an ice cave diving school, Alban Michon is an expert in extreme underwater operations. In 2012, he launched Wi.DE (Wilderness Diving Exploration) kayaking project with… (more)

Francis_Le_Guen_medaillonPresenter of “Diver’s Notebooks”

Director, adventurer, explorer, photographer, journalist, author and TV presenter, Francis Le Guen wears many hats with great passion. He has practiced diving for ages in freshwater lakes, caves and underground rivers and won several world records… (more)

BASE Jumper

A father mountain guide, a mother ski instructor and former refugee guardian, a brother paragliding instructor, Sam Beaugey grew up at the foot of Mont Blanc. In 1994, he joined the Compagnie des guides de Chamonix. Pitons, crampons, ice axes, wingsuit … (more)

Runners to the Pole

Stephanie and Jeremie are ultra-distance runners. They began to run together on the HEC campus where they met in 2002. They got married and the virus of race has never … (more)

Dany_Cleyet_Marrel_medaillonBrilliant Aeronaut

His passion for travel and ballooning, his meeting with filmmakers and scientists led him to the development of a new kind of balloons to meet their specific needs. Fun devices at the beginning, these aerostats (balloons, gas balloons, rozieres, airships) became… (more)

Klaus_Ohlmann_medaillonThe dream of Icarus

Klaus Ohlmann is German. Former dentist, he left everything, his job and his country, to live his passion for gliding. Located in the French Alps, he founded his own school and specializes in guided flight. With his experience of gliders and weather, he beat … (more)

Pierre_Chabert_medaillonThe light of Hollywood

Son of a laborer,early abandoned studies, plenty of small jobs … Nothing predestines Pierre Chabert to create a global leader in more than 40 countries … It will however suffice as a balloon and a light bulb to give birth to first … (more)

Gifted musher

Atypical destiny for this passionate of adventure that begins with the bakery and became the youngest “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, which allows him to travel around the world. Very quickly, he became a popular address for gourmets and opens several … (more)


Head of the Botanic Museum of Paris

Marc Jeanson est ingénieur agronome diplômé de l’Institut national Agronomique Paris – Grignon et botaniste, docteur en systématique végétale du Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris et du New York Botanical Garden (États-Unis) … (plus)

Successor of Haroun Tazieff

Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff is Associate Professor and Doctor of state in volcanology. Besides his research and teaching at the University Paris-Sud Orsay, he is also the author and co-author of over 350 books,… (more)

Father of “The Green Wall”

Patrick Blanc is a botanist of international renown. CNRS researcher, he participated in numerous missions in France and abroad. He was part of the team “raft peaks” with Francis Hallé and Dany Cleyet-Marrel and often occured in TV program… (more)

Ice Mills Explorer

Glaciologist, doctor in alpine geography and an associate member of the research team of the CNRS Laboratory Environment and Dynamics of Mountain Territories, Luc Moreau specializes in subglacial hydrology connected to… (more)

Barnabe_Fourgous_medaillonDeap inside the earth

Barnabe Fourgous is a guide of caving and canyoning, and a rescuer. He belongs to the scientific crew of the French Federation of Speleology (topography, biospeleology, karstology). From his native Vercors to Papua, from Mexico to New Zealand, from the Eastern to Chile,… (more)


Director of “Ushuaia Nature”

Writer, director, producer, Bernard Guerrini is one of the top director working with the team of Ushuaia Nature, filming 12 episodes of the legendary series broadcast on TF1 for… (more)

Director of “Ushuaia Nature”

Gilles Santantonio is director of adventure films and 22 programs “Ushuaia Nature” presented by Nicolas Hulot on TF1. He is the source of more than a hundred documentaries broadcast on Canal +, BBC, National … (more)

Director, writer-traveller

Christophe Cousin decided to dedicate his life to adventure, writing, shooting and travelling. Seeking his own geography, the mystery of distant lands is his playground, slow modes of transport its way of … (more)

Director and Kiteboarder

Jeremie Eloy is a professional kiteboarder who is shown on the catwalks of the world tour. With more than a dozen world tours, he produced reports in unusual places, in extreme conditions, and… (more)

 Cinematographer of the film “Oceans”

Director and submarine chief operator, René Heuzey has over 1500 shoots to his credit in all the seas of the world. Nothing stops this image adventurer: often working more than 100m deep underwater with … (more)


Multi Awarded Photographer

Scott Portelli is an international award winning wildlife, nature and underwater photographer. A member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and serving NSW Council member 2016/17, he is regarded as… (plus)

Talented “Carnetists”Reno_Marca_medaillon

Claire & Reno Marca, author and illustratorphotographer, travel and publish stories of their adventures for 10 years. A couple in life and at work, united by … (more)

Olivier_Weber_medaillonWriter-traveler and reporter

After studying anthropology and economics, Olivier Weber traveled to California in the footsteps of Jack London then launches into the report, in the United States, Africa and the Middle East. He covered several conflicts, including … (more)

Perfumes composer

After studying psychology and linguistics, Céline decided to follow her ambition and become a perfumer. After graduating from the perfume school ISIPCA, she worked for several leading global fragrance companies, before becoming a free-lance perfumer… (more)


Chef 3 Stars

Emmanuel Renaut, ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ and ‘Compagnon du Tour de France’ was awarded his third Michelin star in 2012. He was trained in Paris and started his career in the restaurant of the Crillon hotel working under Christian Constant, alongside people such as… (more)

Chef 2 Stars

As a native of Aix les Bains born into a family of restaurateurs, Jean Sulpice has cooking in his blood.  Jean Sulpice received his first star at the age of 26, followed by his second star at the age of 31, making him a true phenomenon in the world of gastronomy.  He has… (more)

Triathlete Chef

A native of Rouen, Jean-Luc Lefrançois has 30 years of experience in the field of haute cuisine. It’s his grandfather Leon, craft baker, who gave him the taste of food and the pleasure of sharing. After an apprenticeship in Normandy, he joined his first palace hotel, Le Bristol Paris… (more)

Sommelier World Champion

In 1998 Markus Del Monego became the first and so far only German sommelier world champion in Vienna and just a few months later ‘master of sake – kiki sakeshi’ in Japan. One year later he was awarded the distinction of ‘ambassador of Swiss wines’… (more)