Florian Ledoux’s ecological commitment

Both the Arctic and the Antarctic are facing a series of rapid changes. These hostile regions represent a difficult place to live, but some animals have adapted to extreme temperatures and strong winds during harsh winters. My photos seek to reveal and celebrate the beauty of the incredible fauna living on the edge of the ice, both powerful and so fragile.

Part of my work is based on aerial images. I aspire and hope to bring a new perspective on the fauna that we already know through traditional photography. I am convinced that these images allow us to observe and document their behavior from a new approach and angle, revealing the animals in their entirety, as well as in a larger habitat and landscape, in a way never before possible. . It is a new way of learning in the white territories of the north and south of our planet.

About Florian Ledoux

Florian is an award-winning wildlife photographer working in the polar regions. His passion for wild landscapes, and the animals that inhabit them, led him to pursue personal projects and his dream of documenting the polar regions after 10 years of career in the French Navy where he ended up a photographer. His works have been published in magazines such as National Geographic, Time US, Géo, Oceanographic UK, National Geographic Traveler, Le Figaro, Paris Match and internationally exhibited as in China, United States, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Italy , Canada, Russia.

He was also awarded the Grand Prix Drone Photography 2017 and voted Drone Photographer of the Year 2018. He has obtained numerous other international recognitions.

Its commitment to bring new and meaningful images is also recognized by conservation organizations such as IUCN, The Arctic Council, The Nature Conservancy. Florian believes that photography and video are powerful tools that can create meaningful images and help reconnect humans to nature, which he says is the main cause of climate change.