Somewhere Club

The Ultimate Private Club

Somewhere Club is a private club with a decidedly modern ambition, focused on the talents of the world of sport, exploration, science and the arts

About Somewhere Club

Our Philosophy

Somewhere Club brings together in a private club world-renowned personalities who are available for:

  • Meeting and discussing with Club members
  • Making them discover their secret gardens
  • Giving them extraordinary travel experiences
  • Opening them the doors of programs reserved for the world’s elite (Leaders 4 The Planet)

The philosophy of the Club is a search for a privileged relationship with all these women and men who have made their lives a great Adventure.

Rio Negro Somewhere Club The Ultimate Private Club

Our Universes

01 -


Skiing, Climbing, Kitesurfing, Scuba diving …

02 -


Antarctica, Greenland, South Georgia, Papua New Guinea…

03 -


Glaciology, Volcanology, Botany, Ornithology…

04 -


Photographers, Artists, Starred Chefs, Best Sommeliers of the World…

About the Team

Our Personalities

Somewhere Club brings together more than 40 personalities of great talent: top athletes, explorers, scientists and artists.