Somewhere Club

Sport - Exploration - Science - Art

Somewhere Club is a unique private members’ club


Offering 4 major Annual Rendez-Vous in a prestigious Parisian setting, the Club honors the Human Adventure in all its forms, whether sporty, exploratory, scientific or artistic.

Place of meeting and exchanges with incredible ambassadors, the Club also offers its members the opportunity…

About Somewhere Club

Our Philosophy

Wishing to give meaning to our initiative, we highlight intelligent economic projects for the safeguarding of our environment, personalities who testify to the human richness and diversity and proposals of experiences and journeys intended to better understand and respect our planet and all the living things that populate it.

Rio Negro Somewhere Club The Ultimate Private Club


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Alain Bernard

Double Gold medalist at the Olympic swimming games
  • First French Olympic champion in the 100m freestyle (Beijing Olympics)
  • Olympic champion 4x100m (London Olympics)
  • 100m freestyle world recordman
  • Passionate about aeronautism (private pilot)

Thomas Levet

Ryder Cup Winner
  • Winner of the 2011 French Open
  • First tricolor golfer to raise the Ryder Cup trophy in the United States in 2004
  • 2nd of the British Open in 2002
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Jean-François Clervoy

3 times in space
  • Veteran of the European Space Agency (33 years of service)
  • 3 missions in space with NASA (Atlantis and Discovery)
  • Polytechnician, general engineer of the armament, he is the CEO of Novespace (flights in zero gravity), a subsidiary of CNES.

Anne-Sophie Pic

Chef 3 Stars
  • Only French woman triple starry
  • Woman the most starred chef in the world (7 stars)
  • Best Woman Chef of the World in 2011
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01 -


Ski, Alpinism, Kitesurf, Scuba diving, Free Diving, Free Ride, Triathlon…

02 -


Antarctica, Greenland, South Georgia, Papua New Guinea…

03 -


Glaciology, Volcanology, Botany, Astronomy, Gemmology…

04 -


Directors, Photographers, Artists, Starred Chefs, Best Sommeliers of the World…