Discover the places most representative of current environmental transformations

Increase in global temperature, collapse of biodiversity, extinction of many species, ocean acidification, soil desertification, natural disasters more and more frequent and exacerbated…


Today, we are all aware of these irreversible changes already observed around the world, but, despite the numerous calls from the scientific community and numerous citizen initiatives, we find it difficult to take the step towards a way to live truly responsible and respectful of the environment.


The problem is that on our scale it is in fact difficult, as an individual, to fully understand and appropriate this reality that we do not perceive directly in our daily lives, which does not seem to impact our well-regulated life.

Embark with our teams on unique expeditions to the places most representative of these climatic disturbances linked to human activity. Scientific exploration, action in the field, personal introspection in the face of nature…

By being yourself confronted with reality, the objective is to have a strong awareness and to enter into a new state of mind so that you can act concretely within your activities upon your return.

We are working to make our expeditions as environmentally friendly as possible and offset our carbon footprint if necessary to achieve “Zero impact for the planet” experiences.

Projets soutenus pour atteindre cet objectif*

* Projets labélisés VERRA “Verified Carbon Standard“